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Flight Spool offers a full suite of land marketing services. Each one is designed to help you attract buyers, close land sales, and maximize revenue. If you want to sell land the 21st-century way, turn to Flight Spool! 

If you leave the first impression to us, we’ll leave the buyer interactions to you! We turn potential buyers into seriously interested buyers by helping your land leave the ultimate first impression. We make land sales more efficient!


When you utilize our services, you’ll also become more attractive to clients as a real estate agent. Land sellers want their land to be marketed online with the highest quality multimedia. When you work with Flight Spool, sellers will see that you’re utilizing innovative technology to sell land for top-dollar which will make them want to partner with you. 


Our services are an asset to your business because we know what land buyers are looking for. Once we’ve captured a buyer’s attention, they will be more likely to book an in-person tour and make an offer on your land.


More inquiries for properties with video


More qualified leads on your listing


Of sellers want videos for their listings


More organic traffic to your website



Virtual Tours

You can make potential buyers feel like they’re touring a tract of land even when they’re hundreds of miles away, thanks to our virtual tours. We leverage drones and other cutting-edge technology to give buyers a true-to-life experience. Rather than giving every single potential buyer a tour, you can put the process on autopilot. Each virtual tour we create is rich in detail, giving buyers an accurate representation of a piece of land so they know if they are truly interested before they show up for an in-person tour. Adding virtual tours is easy, efficient, and helps speed up the selling process.

Video Marketing

Videos made by Flight Spool are so much more than aerial shots of farmland. They showcase your land from a variety of perspectives and at different times of the day to give buyers a true sense of what to expect. With the help of music, we provide a fully immersive experience that keeps buyers engaged as they watch your land in action. Our videos enhance the impression of your land just enough while still letting the quality of the land speak for itself. They’re the ultimate marketing asset you can use to get more qualified leads and ultimately make a sale.

Virtual Tours


Land Photography

Never underestimate the power of high-quality land photography! Even with virtual tours and video, your land marketing strategy still needs photos to impress buyers. Most farmland sales start with a buyer examining photos. If you’re providing potential buyers with low-quality images or even too few images, you may be leaving a poor impression that will ultimately cause you to lose business. Our land photography won’t just leave a lasting impression—it will make your land in-demand! If you want to show clients what you bring to each sale as an agent, make sure you’re working with a reputable company like Flight Spool that provides only the best photography.

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